Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The day I starred in a Movie!!

There are folks who work in my neighboring porta
who have creative genes ka bharpur quota
They said chalo lets make a movie
and were met with an enthusiastic Oh groovy!!

Its about four guys who are lost in translation
and a new city provides them a revelation
Language is never an issue
when you find companions just like you

The role of the HR required someone trendy
and of course they approached 'yours truly'
Come on! I need a grand entry
after all this is my poetry!

The word 'action' had a dramatic effect
the camera and I had an instant connect
The trouble started when dubbing was beginning
I realized I had to perfectly reproduce my previous 'overacting'

All in all, it was a fun deal
it sent spinning my creative wheel
And if i ever get bored of the legal sphere
Acting is definitely my alternate career

By working on the subtitles in English
I have the perfect words for a big finish
As they say in the cinema jargon
lets hear it for Lights! Camera! Action!!

© Shraddha Narayanan, 2011

Catch the movie at:

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