Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its been 2 Years Gang!!!

Hey!! remember the day
not a very long time away
No It was not the fire alarm bell
rather I had walked into DRL

You had thought I was sincere and quiet
incapable of speech or a laugh riot
You did not know then that I could be witty
or react (obviously) to the word 'pretty'

It took a while to know the girl on my left
at painting she is pretty deft
The 'hey matching' episode got us going
and we went to all movies that were showing!!!

The girl whose chair kept being pulled
had hunger pangs like me too
She showed me a dance step while sitting on her seat
and I thought hey, well!! that's pretty neat!!!

The girl who sat on the big glass's other side
yes the glass on which I banged my head, twice
Work, shop, hog, night outs and late walk ins..
no wonder we are called the ‘Evil Twins’!!!

The girl who is my foster family member
and has been singing ‘teri deewani’ since december
She was my partner in planning the celebrations
and even learnt all my dance formations!!! 

Tts been a while since I arrived 
but it continues to be a fun ride
It would have been impossible though
had you all not been with me so...
I have to tell all of you this
coz you are my friend I am in "Perfect Bliss" :)


  1. Pleasure to read............

  2. Nice. Hello Shraddha, i am just going to complete my MS from Indian Institute Of Science Education and Research, Mohali.I just come to know about SECMOL. How was your experience there. I also want to apply there. How was your MS thesis. Are you from Chandigarh? Can we contact somehow? By mail or skype.

    1. Hey, the experience was very good! I went as a volunteer to teach the children... why dont you visit their site: