Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Morning Fever!!!

I woke up today with a start
and felt my head jump with a snort
I wondered whether to restart
my head, coz I was not feeling very smart

To my head, I applied a connection
and all I got was a rejection
When I told my sleep to go away
my brain replied "yeh suvidha uplabdh nahi hai"

Then I thought why bother
I can always hire another
but apparently brains are hard to find
Especially if you are obsessively aligned

Then I gave up altogether
why not experience a brainless slumber
And when I will be asked to work
I can dance and go berserk

Mujhse pucheege log dobara
Kya bajgaye hain tere baara?
Chal zaara haule haule
Par mein toh karungi BALLE BALLE!!!



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