Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thesis et al and Defense!!!

29 August 2009


So after my 3 part misadventures in thesis writing (which technically I cannot publish in ASM journal no matter how wonderful u all thought it was) hmm… 'ASM' is American Society for Microbiology….

Well I submitted my thesis on the run....technically 2 weeks before my defense......In the equation 'date of thesis submittal > 2 weeks before defense'

I replaced variable 'weeks' with 'days' without changing the outcome

Outcome = when committee reads it = 1 day before defense :)

So on the D day...everything went really well (thank GOD) My presentation went slower than Rajdhani express but faster than Dakshin ;) and I could answer all questions fired by my committee....

In the end I was out by 3:18pm…. my presentation started at 2pm and 1 of the committee members said that I had broken the speed record usually 2hrs is minimum

But Yes folks I am now officially Shraddha Narayanan, MS!!!!

and I took the whole weekend off without doing any work…… :) I was planning to take the Monday off too when at 10:40am I check my email (I had just got up)I had an email from my advisor.. "Come see me before 11"

????????? I thought I just finished ??????

I replied saying sorry I just checked my mail can I see you later? Did not know what he wanted….. I wanted to rest :(

Well this describes exactly what happened

My advisor wanted help with the MS office 2007 :D LOL!!

Hope all off u enjoyed my encounter with the thesis :)

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